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“The Report of Thomas Telford, Robert Stevenson, and

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"Father, what is it to be--dead?"

“The Report of Thomas Telford, Robert Stevenson, and

"The boy who brings the milk--he had the squirrel this morning. He said it was not asleep. It was--dead."

“The Report of Thomas Telford, Robert Stevenson, and

"It means that the squirrel, the real squirrel under the fur, has gone away, David."

“The Report of Thomas Telford, Robert Stevenson, and

"But he left his--his fur coat behind him. Didn't he need--that?"

"No, or he'd have taken it with him."

David had fallen silent at this. He had remained strangely silent indeed for some days; then, out in the woods with his father one morning, he gave a joyous shout. He was standing by the ice-covered brook, and looking at a little black hole through which the hurrying water could be plainly seen.

"Daddy, oh, daddy, I know now how it is, about being--dead."

"It's like the water in the brook, you know; THAT'S going to a far country, and it isn't coming back. And it leaves its little cold ice-coat behind it just as the squirrel did, too. It does n't need it. It can go without it. Don't you see? And it's singing--listen!--it's singing as it goes. It WANTS to go!"

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